U.S. Department of Defense | Welcome to LAST FRONT EUROPE

Sir, it's the middle of World War 2,

the largest war our planet has ever seen, and the situation is grave. The enemy threatens ours and our allies' lines in Europe and a strong command is needed to bolster the defenses. The enemy is cunning, brutal, and above all, merciless! They send a constant stream of human cannon fodder in the hopes that our defenses will soon be crushed - and without a strategic mind to lead us, we will be crushed. Though our men are heroic, their forces are simply too vast. The plan is destined to succeed and our noble forces soon taste defeat unless you assume command.

  • Play as the British, Soviets, Germans, and Americans in 16 maps spanning four historic battles of the European theater.

  • Download from an endless supply of user created maps in the Last Front community section or make your own.

  • Challenge your friends to compete in online mode.

  • Earn historical awards, ranks, and honors for your own personal profile.